Do you ever look at your junk email? It’s not my usual reading, but sometimes there are occasional gems. From this example, junk mail appears to be getting more formal. Or maybe they think writing like this is more likely to get money out of you…

Dear Beneficiary,

I am Sir Gordon White of Her Majesty Customs Revenue. Please be informed that there is presently a counter claim on your funds by Mr. Justin Edwards. The aforementioned person has presented a death certificate, claiming that you are dead. Consequently, he is claiming to be your next-of-kin therefore the beneficiary to your funds.Please be informed that Mr. Justin Edwards has provide the account stated hereinafter for the receipt of your funds.

Having exhausted other means of communication, we have decided to send this message…

Someone’s certainly gone to some effort to write this. I like the “please be informed”, “hereinafter” and “Having exhausted other means of communication”.

You can tell this is a scam, because a real company in the modern day would not write in such a stuffy way (take a look at the next communications you get from your bank/phone company/electricity supplier – even HMRC: they all want to be your mate).