Malapropisms are always entertaining and show how rich our language is. Adam and Joe had a section on their 6Music radio show highlighting misuses of words, particularly idiomatic expressions that had once been misheard. They call them ‘eggcorns’: “curled up in the feeble position”, “the pot calling the kettle back”, “don’t lead me on a wild goof trek”.

One of the best they unearthed has to be [said in naggy cockney mum voice] “Your room looks like a bombsy tit!” (“…a bomb’s hit it”).

In a similar vein, my friend Sadie and I amuse ourselves by leaving in typos when writing emails. Last week we had “firend” and “hoorya”, but my all time favourite has to be “afterboob”.

Yet despite these mistakes, because of the way our brains process language in its context I guess, communication and understanding is rarely diminished. Anyone got any good eggcorns?