This week I’ve been reading an absorbingly interesting book called Just My Type about fonts (last night’s chapter was all about ampersands), and proofreading the University of Sheffield‘s Postgraduate Prospectus.

These two activities are usually unrelated…so imagine my delight when I reached the back page of the prospectus to find a paragraph all about the fonts used by the University!

I knew they had their own fonts – Stephenson and Blake – but I didn’t know their history:

“The Stephenson serif font is a modified version of a design by Sheffield company Stephenson & Blake Co. Typefounders, established in 1818. At the height of Sheffield’s power as a producer of steel, Stephenson & Blake was the world’s largest manufacturer of metal type. [co-owner Sir Henry Stephenson helped establish the University]

Stephenson and its sans serif companion Blake were chosen with the assistance of the National Type Museum in London and redrawn for us by renowned type experts House Style Graphics.”

They are lovely fonts. Next time you come across a piece of University of Sheffield literature, have a look and feel informed.