Sheffield’s best festival starts this Friday, so I’m spreading the word…

Named after a 1984 track by Sheffield band Cabaret Voltaire, Sensoria (emphasis on the penultimate syllable) has just been getting better and better every year. It is a festival of music, film and the intersection of the two. This year’s highlights include a residency by KLF man Bill Drummond and local band 65daysofstatic performing a live soundtrack to the 1972 sci fi film Silent Running (as well as Bibliotheque Discotheque that I mentioned in an earlier post).

The word ‘sensoria’ appears in the dictionary (pronounced differently) as the plural form of ‘sensorium’, which is “the sensory apparatus or faculties considered as a whole”.

So if you’re in Sheffield 29 April to 8 May, make the most of the sensorium stimulation on offer. Full details of everything happening are on the Sensoria 2011 website.