Here’s a wonderful piece of poetic prose from At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O’Brien.

“…their golden sheaves of ripened barley, firkins of curdy cheese, berries and acorns and crimson yams, melons and marrows and mellowed mast, variholed sponges of crisp-edged honey and oaten breads, earthenware jars of whey-thick sack and porcelain pots of lathery lager, sorrels and short-bread and coarse-grained cake, cucumbers cold and downy straw-laced cradles of elderberry wine poured out in sea-green egg-cups and urn-shaped tubs of molasses crushed and crucibled with the lush brown-heavy scum of pulped mellifluous mushrooms, an exhaustive harvesting of the teeming earth, by God.”

This passage has got such great rhythm and I love the alliteration, particularly “melons and marrows and mellowed mast” – mast in this context is nuts or fruit of oak, beech or other forest trees that accumulate on the forest floor.

This book is teaching me so many new words!